What if classes were based on student interest without compromising educational value? 



Beat Rockers is a beatboxing and music program for blind and visually impaired students. By utilizing the art of beatboxing as a teaching tool for students to create music, we fundamentally transform traditional notions of what a music program should be. Rather than teach the students how to play instruments, students become both the musician and the instrument. In addition to cultivating confidence, communication, and self-expression, beatboxing also serves as a tool for speech therapy by helping students better achieve their communication goals as they find increased joy in vocalization exercises via the universal language of music.



Beat Breakers is a B-boy/B-girl (breakdancing) program that teaches the roots of the dance through the perspective of real B-boys who rose up from the culture and helped create this truly American art form. Initiated by legendary B-boy Ken Swift, Beat Breakers is as much a social history as a dance class. The program demystifies the definition of “Hip Hop” by bringing it back to its roots and underscoring the importance of passing on knowledge of self and respect to the next generation of aspiring dancers.



Beat Rhymers is a self-expression program in which students create original material through poetry, spoken word, MCing/rapping, songwriting, and music production. Students not only learn the fundamentals of music and song composition, but also learn about their personal identities and histories. Students write and rhyme about their neighborhoods, families, heritage, values, problems and the real world around them through a variety of self-expression vehicles. Beat Rhymers students are also afforded the opportunity to perform and record their original songs in a student-designed showcase.



Beat Explorers includes elements of the Beat Rhymers program, such as lyricism and creative writing, with an emphasis on music production, beat making, and career development. The Beat Explorers program engages students in all aspects of what it means to be a Music Producer: devotion, professionalism, hard work, creativity, and a fundamental knowledge of both production hardware and the latest technology. While a Beat Rhymers class tends to culminate in a final performance, Beat Explorers students focus on writing and recording professional-quality songs with original beats, lyrics, and music.



Teach The Teacher - Jan 25th-27th, 2017

Teach The Teacher (T3) is our premiere training program for artists seeking to expand their craft while giving back to youth communities through Hip Hop education. T3 is for artists within Hip Hop culture seeking to channel their creativity into a revolutionary teaching practice. For aspiring teaching artists, T3 is a 6-month intensive training, development, and certification program that happens bi-annually and includes:

3-day intensive and interactive training with the next one taking place on: WED JAN 25TH - FRI JAN 27TH from 10AM-4PM. • Committed mentorship from Lead Instructor throughout the semester • Monthly "BEAT Retreats" to grow your skills, mastermind with community, and receive high-performance coaching in financial freedom. • Individualized classroom training schedules • Access to BEAT Global's proprietary cypher-based curriculum for classroom liberation • Access to BEAT Global's vast network of artists, activists, educators, and global leaders in Hip Hop culture • Community workshops for you to practice and receive feedback on your facilitation methods and skills • Opportunities for performance, promotion of your work through BEAT Global's social media, and committed support from BEAT Global staff. • Placement into a paid teaching residency upon receipt of BEAT Certification.




Educator Professional Development

BEAT offers Professional Development Workshops that empower educators to forge deeper connections with their students, center youth perspectives, and uphold the classroom as a space of creativity, equity, and respect. From community centers in Brooklyn, to entire school districts in California, we have the expertise and professional staff necessary to improve the quality of teaching for any teaching staff.