BEAT Global offers the most diverse array of services related to artistic expression.



Beatboxing Meets Speech Therapy

After years of developing the Beat Rockers program and curriculum, we offer private speech therapy sessions engaging young people in a new and powerful way of accelerating their communication skills, while having fun! Speech Therapy sessions can be conducted in a small workshop-setting, or in private 1-on-1 sessions with our Beat Rockers Instructors. Participants develop expanded skills in vocal self-expression, listening, emotional understanding, creativity and speech development. Email to set up a free consultation!



Community Workshops

Whether at your school, community center, youth center or church, BEAT Global’s distinctive and fun Hip Hop Workshops allow your students to cultivate new skills in teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and creativity. Kicking off the workshop with a live showcase from our professional facilitators, students will

  • Learn the basics of beatboxing
  • Break off into smaller collaborative teams
  • Write original lyrics based off a theme
  • Perform their new creations in front of the entire group
  • Exchange feedback and constructive criticism

Email to set up a free consultation!



Corporate Team Building

We understand the importance of camaraderie and team building, especially in a work environment. Learn the art of Beatboxing, Music Production, MC’ing and/or Bboy/Bgirl (Breakdancing) in a fun, interactive, group workshop right in your office while supporting arts and music programs in your community. Each distinctive and fun Hip Hop workshop is designed to strengthen bonds of trust and creativity by engaging and performing together as a group in front of your professional peers. Email to book yours today!



Private Workshops

Want your child to be involved in BEAT programming but not sure where to start? Private Sessions are the gift that keeps on giving for creative youth looking to expand their skills in beatboxing, MC’ing/rapping, creative writing, music production, beat making, music performance and recording, and/or Bboy/Bgirl (breakdancing)! BEAT Staff and Instructors work with you and your child to develop lesson plans, milestones, and artistic goals catered to his or her needs and interests. Private Sessions are open for youth of all ages, abilities, and skill levels. Email to set up a free consultation!



Program Implementation Where YOU Live

BEAT Global is well-prepared and qualified to support you in implementing programming in your city! Tapping into our vast network of Hip Hop practitioners and world-renowned artists, BEAT identifies qualified professional artists who are suited to facilitate an arts program in your city. Email to set up a free consultation!