JAMES KIM Executive Director

James Kim


James Kim is a co-founder of BEAT and currently serves as the Executive Director. Through his expansive 15-year career in marketing, branding, and event production at companies such as Comedy Central and MTV Networks, and later launching his own boutique marketing agency, Catharsis NYC, James has designed, marketed and initiated a broad array of community-based programs and events aimed at empowering and inspiring underserved youth in New York City and beyond. James firmly believes that creative self-expression and youth leadership have the power to change the world.



Human is an accomplished photographer, graphic design artist, and brand strategist. Through his "make tank" Human Developments and his “dadvertising” initiative DAD IS A VERB, he combines visual and design sensibilities, harnessing the power of the arts to promote collaborative discovery and positive social change. When he isn’t handling the creative direction of BEAT Global, Human is accountable for the modern re-imagining of brand and identity platforms that meet the strategic needs and visions of young social entrepreneurs and clients who dream awake.

Anna Diorio


Anna Diorio, also known as Happy Accident, is a writer, singer, emcee, pianist, facilitator, and cultivator of community committed to uncovering an existing better world. Anna is deeply rooted in a long lineage of Jazz musicians, and branches into Hip Hop as a natural extension of her love for poetry, global community, and intuitive musicality. At BEAT Global, she coordinates programming, developments, communications, and daily office meditations. Through committed leadership and radical self-expression, Anna stands for the eradication of systemic oppression in her lifetime.

John Tournas


John Tournas, also known as TopSide, is a musician, anthropologist, sound collector, educator, and believer in every individual's ability to transform their own world through imagination, creativity, and love. As he continues to discover how his own voice manifests in beats, he finds joy in both teaching and learning from the youth involved in BEAT programming.   



Y? (Yogi Guyadin) is an educator, an artist, and an audio engineer/producer. He is the co-owner of The Space Station studios in Queens and has developed various student-based music programs around his concept of "Cypher-Based Pedagogy," through which he works to spread love and to nurture personal growth.

Kaila Mullady


Kaila Mullady is a performer and the 2015 World Beatbox Champion. She infuses beatboxing, singing, rapping, poetry and theater to push the boundaries of creativity. Kaila teaches all around the world promoting reading, writing, music, and youth leadership.

Mark Martin


Mark Martin (aka Mandibul) is a musician and an actor, and has been beatboxing since age 13, inspired by the Jazz, Rock, and Hip Hop music scene around him. He graduated from NYU in 2011 where he studied the linguistics of beatboxing, generating a body of work which informs the use of “beatrhyming” in Beat Rockers classrooms.

WaAaK One


WaAaK One is one of the founders of Breaks Kru, a Bboy group at the forefront of a cultural renaissance. WaAaK stands for the preservation and elevation of Hip Hop culture, and lives this through education and performance in the US and beyond. WaAaK is also a tireless aerosol activist and cultural facilitator at the El Puente Taylor Wythe Leadership Center, a NYC-based human rights institution that promotes leadership for peace and justice.



Prophet is a Brooklyn Bboy out of Williamsburg eager to show the world his talent and raw skills. As a member of the legendary Breaks Kru, Prophet devotes countless hours to training and perfecting his craft, and has participated in numerous events and competitions in the U.S., Canada, and South America. Since he began breaking at the age of 18, Prophet has been in love with the culture and community, and gives back through thoughtful and committed mentorship for young aspiring dancers.

Elijah Shippe


Elijah “E Major” Shippe is a drummer, singer, rapper, songwriter, music producer, poet, and educator, to name a few. E Major discovered his passion for drumming at a very young age by directing music and playing instruments for multiple churches around NYC. This soon evolved into singing, songwriting, making beats, producing music, performing, and collaborating with other artists. E Major has witnessed firsthand the power of creativity to transcend and transform circumstances, and as a Teaching Artist strives to share this with all his students.

JERRY WALSH Beat Rockers Instructor

Beat Rockers Instructor

Jerry Walsh is a musician, vocalist, and beatboxer mixing ancient instruments and techniques such as the didgeridoo, Peruvian pan flute, hang drum (handpan), and Tuvan throat singing with experimental Hip Hop rhythms and lyrics revolving around mysticism and social activism. Jerry studies the sacred traditions of humanity under Maestro Manuel Rufino, and is a founding member of the Sacred Arts Research Foundation and the Ark in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where he resides with the Golden Drum community. 

ARABELLE LUKE Beat Rockers Instructor

Beat Rockers Instructor

Arabelle Luke is a performing artist from Englewood, NJ. She has played roles in musicals such as Bye Bye Birdie, RENT, Tommy and South Pacific, and makes a difference in her community by volunteering for youth programs and performing at local events and celebrations. While attending Rutgers University, Arabelle was a singer and a beatboxer in an award-winning all-female a cappella group called Shock Wave. Currently, Arabelle is a beatboxer for the Hip Hop improv comedy group RoboPop and a mixed vocal artist in Beatrhyme Communications.

THEATRICS Beat Breakers Instructor

Beat Breakers Instructor

Jordan “Theatrics” Grant is a Bboy from the Bronx who uses breakin’ as a tool to build new plateaus and “change the game”. With his competition dance team Dreams in Motion, Theatrics has presented at competitions around the globe, and has performed individually at many prestigious theaters, such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. Theatrics gives back to youth communities through teaching Bboy/Bgirling with El Puente and BEAT Global, and creating events such as “Break For Justice”.

REIGN Beat Breakers Instructor

Beat Breakers Instructor

Jorden "Reign" Saenz hails from Brooklyn, New York and began dancing at 15 years old. Influenced by the dance and the culture, breakin’ helped Reign transcend many personal struggles, including the death of his father. Learning from WaAaK One through the Beat Breakers program and becoming involved with the Breaks Kru family has profoundly and positively impacted Reign’s life, inspiring him to constantly share enthusiasm and empowerment with youth, be a role model for students, and demonstrate the power of Hip Hop culture to transform and even save lives.

FOREFEATHER Beat Explorers Instructor

Beat Explorers Instructor

Forefeather (Zac Hills-Bonczyk), E-RYT 200, is a Zen-hop artist, producer, rapper in a Hip Hop/Funk brass band, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, skillful living coach and advocate, wilderness trail guide, and an ecstatic dance facilitator. Originally from Minneapolis, MN, Forefeather performs solo and with his band Big village Little City, as well as leading workshops and retreats around the world, at his family's yoga studio in the midwest, and in his current home of New York City.

UNDAKOVA Beat Explorers Instructor

Beat Explorers Instructor

For over twenty years, David Jason Williams a.k.a. U.N.D.A.K.O.V.A has been awakening audiences with his special brand of insightful & knowledge ­infused Hip Hop. A globally renowned emcee, DJ, musician, songwriter, producer, and activist, he teaches by example that self­ love and artistic expression are the keys to empowering communities. Released during the summer of 2015, Undakova’s latest masterpiece ~ WISDOM ~ is a meditative & inspiring double disc compilation of liberating lyrics laced upon a sonic feast of rhythms & moods.


Charles Kim is a Managing Partner of the Alpine Group, an investment management firm located in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Binghamton University Foundation, is a founding member of Junior Achievement of the Virgin Islands, and is involved in numerous other community and charitable organizations. Charles graduated with a BS degree in Management and Finance from Binghamton University.


JLove Calderon is a Senior Consultant for BEAT Global and an activist, author, and a creator, producer and director of TV and Film. She consults with organizations and companies as a Social Impact Strategist connecting and curating innovative, transformative content, products, live events and experiences with a triple bottom line impact: people, planet, profit.

Tonia Kim is the owner and designer of the jewelry brand Toki which is hand crafted utilizing metalsmith and casting techniques. After launching at Ron Herman, the designer attended law school at Chicago-Kent where she obtained her degree.  A firm believer in giving back to the community, Tonia incorporates philanthropy into her business and personal life. While most of her time is spent navigating motherhood (and childhood all over again) with her three-year-old son, she is currently freelancing as an art director and brand consultant for various of fashion, design and beauty lines.


Clara Parker is a community-based artist and researcher whose work focuses on education and human development. She is Director of the Global Justice Institute at El Puente, and regularly speaks and trains on curriculum, assessment, and Participatory Action Research (PAR). She also contributes to conferences and journals on PAR, arts for social change, school advisories, supporting LGBTQQ youth in schools, education, cultural organizing, and more.

Rosa Scott is an Organizational Consultant, Global Justice Institute Trainer at El Puente, and a Leader in the field of Youth and Community Development.  Her passion for this work began at El Puente where she started as a member and grew to be a Program Director. There she built up multiple programs and traveled internationally to do organizing around environmental injustice, wellness and human rights education. Rosa stands for advocating for those without a voice and creating sacred spaces to create a culture where people are empowered to thrive in.