Teaching The Teacher

To fully engage students, BEAT Global trains and employs Teaching Artists who are not only at the top of their respective fields creatively, but also have years of experience in committed mentorship. Our Instructors are trained and certified based on their ability to meet students with presence and encouragement, work effectively with youth from diverse backgrounds, and collaborate with students to create a classroom culture that upholds tenets of respect, leadership, teamwork, and community. Our instructors are part artists, part teachers, part mentors - and fully committed to each and every young person they work with. The foundation of the BEAT Global Teaching Artist is “show not tell” - that is, to have all motivations and successes rooted in action, rather than theory.


Cypher-Based Pedagogy

A cypher (or cipher) is an informal gathering of rappers, singers, beatboxers, and/or Bboys (break-dancers) in a circle, in order to jam musically together. In an educational setting, the cypher becomes the space for learning as well as fun. What makes a cypher-based pedagogy so effective and forward-thinking is its universal appeal and ability to forge a sense of community, trust, and respect in any group of young people. In the cypher, each individual is equal and no voice is greater or lesser. This creates a space where students are free to express themselves and listen to their peers without judgment - opening the doors for collaboration. From this fertile ground, seeds of leadership are planted as students take control of their own learning, building a profound sense of agency and confidence.


AIM - Artistry, Instruction, and Mentorship

Our AIM is to provide committed Artistry, Instruction, and Mentorship. Artistry is the mastery of artistic skills through real world experience, coupled with a unique creative flair. Instruction speaks to the ability to effectively impart one’s skills upon an individual with no prior experience in the subject. Mentorship refers to a connection built upon trust, acknowledgment, and understanding a student’s needs. A mentor has the ability to consistently show up with loving guidance with discipline.

AIM Methodology and Cypher-Based Pedagogy created by Y? for Creative Expressions, 2016.