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We are BEAT. Bridging Education & Art Together.

We believe in the transformative power of Hip Hop to uplift and heal our bodies and minds. We envision a world where Hip Hop is embraced as an integral tool in educational, clinical, and therapeutic settings to unlock the proven benefits of creative self-expression. Our mission is to  develop inclusive, accessible arts education rooted in Hip Hop culture. Through our programming, clinical research, and professional development, we champion Hip Hop as a dynamic tool in improving physical and mental wellbeing.

Ten years ago James Kim, the executive director and founder of BEAT, was struck by a seemingly simple but ultimately profound idea while DJing an event for the Lavelle School for the Blind. After witnessing the students come alive while dancing and humming to the beat of the music, he imagined a class that taught beatboxing to youth and people with disabilities so they can tap into their own human instrument. And that’s how the first class at Lavelle started in the Fall of 2009!

Since then, a decade of commitment of James and the entire BEAT family has led to one of the most innovative Hip Hop-based arts education programs today! We have provided unique Hip Hop based music/dance/lyricism programs at local schools (ie. public schools, Lavelle School for the Blind), community centers (ie. NY Urban League, QSAC, AHRC) and public institutions (ie. New York Public Library).  

All of BEAT’s instructors are top-industry professionals who share our passion to promote overall wellness and positive influence through our four main programs: BEAT Rockers (Music and Speech), BEAT Breakers (Breakin'/Street Style Dance), BEAT Explorers (Music Production and Lyricism), and BEAT Letters (Visual Arts). 
We have witnessed the transformative power of BEAT’s programs on the lives of thousands of local youth and our impact beyond NYC. BEAT’s in-depth reach, impact and influence over the past decade has extended to international organizations, such as the United Nations, who nominated BEAT for a 2018 Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Action Award for global impact and invited BEAT to perform music showcases and conduct workshops at the 2018 Global Festival of Action in Bonn, Germany. BEAT also partnered with the UNHCR to conduct B-Boy and B-Girl Dance Workshops with over 500 youth in the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan in August 2018.  

Our goal is to unleash the creative potential of all children, regardless of their background or physical ability. 

Like Hip Hop, BEAT seeks to be GLOBAL.

“BEAT Global is pioneering the art of beatboxing as a tool for people with disabilities to creatively express themselves.”

Photo Credit: Matt Furman Photography

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