Beat Rockers at Za'atari Refugee Camp

The global refugee crisis is more urgent than it’s ever been. According to the UNHCR, there are more than 60 million people worldwide who have been displaced from their homes due to war and oppression. More than half of the world’s refugees are children.

Apart from the limited or difficult access to basic needs such as food, clean water, healthcare, and education, the lack of opportunities for the youth to creatively engage each other further perpetuates a mindset of feeling hopeless and trapped.

Day by day, the global refugee crisis is more dire and creative solutions are called for now more than ever. We believe the answer lies in powerful partnerships guided by a seemingly unlikely source: Hip Hop.

In September of 2018, we had the honor of traveling to Jordan and bringing our BEAT Breakers program to the youth at Za'atari Refugee Camp.

With the help of the UN Refugee Agency, we were able to provide a 3 day workshop where we taught and mentored over 200 kids. Our instructors included 4 International Winning Bboys/Bgirls and 4 talented local Jordanian dancers.

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