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Disability Advisory Committee

For the last 10 years, BEAT has found a home teaching beatboxing to youth with disabilities. Our BEAT Rockers program launched at the Lavelle School for the Blind in 2009 and has influenced nearly every move that BEAT has made as an organization, such as:

  • Creation of four Hip Hop-based programs that serve youth with and without disabilities
  • Ongoing development of a speech therapy app that uses beatboxing as a speech intervention
  • Launching a research study to determine the efficacy of beatboxing as a speech therapy intervention for children with Down Syndrome
  • Ensuring that we make inclusion- and access-informed decisions at every level

We can do so much more. And the only way to ensure that we do it right is to work directly with self-advocates and those who directly serve the disability community.

We are working on several new initiatives that will serve the disability community and your insight will help us ensure that we do it right. These initiatives include:

  • Launching an online community for Beatboxers with Disabilities / Disabled Beatboxers (there's already a lively debate in the Committee over person-first v. identity-first language!)
  • Expanding all of our programming to be accessible for youth with disabilities

If you are a self-advocate or committed ally, we would love to invite you to join our Disability Advisory Committee. Your opinion will guide how we approach these initiatives from planning through completion. Will you join us?

Please email Lulu Fogarty,, for more information.


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