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The BEATbox Band

August 17, 2020

In light of all the COVID school closings, we want to continue spreading the joy of music with the first episode of our online learning video series: The BeatBox Band. Kids will learn how to beatbox with friends (or parents) by creating their own 3-piece Beatbox Band. With schools closed, we want to make sure students are staying proactive and learning or honing their beatboxing skills at home! Click here to get your BeatBox Band started.

The BeatBox Band video is a fun interactive activity to build your individual or group beatboxing skills! You'll learn how to make different beatboxing sounds and how to perform them by replicating and looping the
patterns together. Click here to participate in a short survey to help us improve this web series!

For those looking to practice just the basics of beatboxing, Click here to check out our TEDEd how-to video: Beatboxing 101.

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