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Week of Virtual Events

August 17, 2020

Dear friends,

We hope you're staying safe and well. This week, we launched two new exciting initiatives to uphold our mission to uplift and empower our communities.

Virtual Open Mic

Our first Virtual Open Mic this past Wednesday was a success! This event was hosted by BEAT alum Luiggi Montanero (aka Louie-G) and was held on our Instagram Live. From New Jersey all the way to Utah, beatboxers of all different ages and backgrounds came together to uplift one another by rocking the mic. After every performance, each participant expressed their support for the community. We invite you to join us this Wednesday at noon to share your talent and love. Click here and DM us to sign up!

Virtual Happy hour

We also held our first Virtual Happy Hour on Friday, hosted by our Program Director Brittany Willson. Our followers got the opportunity to update the community on how they’re doing and how they try to stay artistically active. It was a chance for old and new friends to join the live and encourage one another during these difficult times. Please join us this Friday at noon! Click here and DM us to sign up!

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