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Visual Arts Program

In our BEAT Letters Workshop, participants will delve into the rich history of Hip Hop while creating visual art! 

As they learn the basic letter styles and techniques of Graf Writing, students will gain an insider’s understanding of visual "Street Art". At the end of each session, students will share their artwork and receive constructive feedback to keep the art flowing long after class is done.

The success of BEAT Letters is through its accessibility and sustainability. Our program is:

  • Culturally responsive
  • Learner-centered
  • Accessible
  • Inclusive of Common Core State Standards (CCSS), National Core Arts Standards and NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts Benchmarks

Assessment is based on:

  • Quantitative and qualitative assessments of student attitudes, behavior, and writing samples before and after they attend our programs.
  • Participation rates of the students, feedback from the teachers and administrators, and through video/written testimonials from the students, site directors, principals, and educators. 

Social/Emotional Outcomes

  • Improved social-emotional awareness
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills 
  • Enhanced communication through words and images 
  • Improved penmanship 

These workshops are responsive to themes and topics that reflect students’ personal experiences and environments. Students not only learn the basics of Hip Hop art, but learn how to engage in their communities by sharing messages that promote social justice.

We offer:

  • Summer and school year-long program for high school students
  • Workshops (one time, series or residencies)  
  • Special Events

Please contact our Program Director, Brittany Wilson, with inquiries.


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