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There are many ways to participate in BEAT programs and workshops! Please view our upcoming events and ongoing program offerings listed below.

Upcoming Events:

  • Break & BEATS Family Classes on August 12
  • TikTok Breakin' Duet Challenge through August 14

Break & BEATS Family Classes

Celebrate International Youth Day virtually with BEAT on Wednesday, August 12th. We invite international youth and their families to learn the basics of Bboying/Bgirling and how to make cool beatboxing sounds. At the end, families can share what they have learned. Join us for one or both classes for FREE

Wednesday, August 12th via Zoom:

  • 12:00-12:30 PM - Beatboxing 
  • 12:30-1:00 PM - Breakdancing

Register your family today by clicking this link!

TikTok Breakin' Duet Challenge

Love TikTok? Love friendly competition for cash prizes?

BEAT has the next big TikTok challenge for you!

Graphic shares information about the challenge and the three cash prizes: a child aged 5-8 will win $25, aged 9-14 will win $75 and aged 15-18 will win $100. Winners announced on August 14, 2020.

Kids aged 5-18 all over the world can enter by matching BEAT Breakers instructor CC's sweet breakin’ moves in our video.

THREE lucky winners will be selected on 8/14!

To participate:

  1. Follow BEAT on TikTok
  2. Select our breakin’ video and click SHARE
  3. Select “Save This Video”
  4. Create your own video using ours as the background
  5. Upload your video and tag @beatglobal

Good luck!

Ongoing Program Offerings:

Free access to The BEATbox Band -- a fun, interactive beatboxing video series for kids!

Need something that gets you moving? Then register your child for breakin'/street style dance classes with us through Outschool for a small fee.

Banner shows collage of BEAT participants with a graffiti wall backdrop.

View our full roster of virtual programming with Outschool here.

To bring BEAT’s programs to your school, organization, hospital or private therapy practice, sign up here or contact our Program Director, Brittany Wilson, for more information.

Please click the following links to download information about our programs and our program impact, included in the image below.


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