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Here’s what our community has to say about our programs.

Watch these video testimonials from a BEAT student and an alumni, and continue reading written testimonials from school and partner site administrators, instructors, families and speech-language pathologists below!

It inspires me that I can do anything I want. [...] It shows me that I can't give up, no matter what.

BEAT Rockers Student

I probably wouldn't have graduated if BEAT wasn't in school. Because I was really close to just dropping out anyway, but BEAT sort of made it easier for me to just deal with that whole high school thing.

LJ, Engineering Assistant, BEAT Alumni

General praise for BEAT programming:

BEAT is one of our most requested vendors especially when discussing the topic of music, hip-hop culture and building self-confidence. The variety of programming, professionalism of the BEAT staff and conscious planning of BEAT Global is absolutely wonderful and a pleasure to work with. I would absolutely recommend BEAT programs to other organizations as they offer high quality programming for students of any age.

Jordan Mangual, New York Public Library, Young Adult Educational Programming Coordinator

With innovative programming, thoughtful planning, and dynamic instructors, Beat Global continues to offer our students truly enriching after school experiences, helping them to develop confidence as they explore different modes of self-expression and discovery. [...] Beat Global has a deep commitment to empowering young people by exposing them to the rich heritage of Hip Hop culture, making their programs uniquely relevant and engaging.

Richard Gilman, Community Roots Charter School, Director of After School 

Watching the kids perform, with the help of the BEAT Global facilitators, has always been a highlight of [our Celebration of Families] event, with both parents and staff being thoroughly moved and entertained by the kids’ performances. (…) Our experience with the organization has always been incredibly positive and for this, we turn to them year after year to help make our event a success. 

Karen Leve, Esq., The Bronx Defenders

The Beat Explorers workshop was great. You have a great team that's catering to youth success. BEAT Global brought their A game. The teens and tweens were engaged and fascinated with what the workshop was about. It was full of enthusiasm, positive energy, and conversation. They were professional, on time, and outgoing. I will definitely have them come back in the future.

Frances Collado-Tavarez, New York Public Library, Pelham Parkway-Van Nest Library

It was fun for the teens and they seemed to really enjoy it.  The speakers seemed knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the subject matter. They made even the quieter kids feel comfortable enough to make “silly noises,” which is not easy! It was a nice mix of theory and hands-on activities. 

Kathleen Arthur, New York Public Library, Morningside Heights Library

Praise for our BEAT Rockers program:

Over the past 8 years, BEAT has provided exceptional music programming to many of our students. Their Beat Rockers program, which focuses on beatboxing, has been especially impactful. I have always found BEAT Instructors to be professional and caring, supporting our students to shine wherever they are at, while also pushing them to express themselves in new ways.

Deni Fraser, Lavelle School for the Blind, Assistant Principal

I see her work on the sounds at home trying to make a song. It's interesting that she's making beatboxing song but working on those speech sounds at the same time.

Jennifer, Parent of participant

BEAT GLOBAL is a rare gem of an organization as innovative and committed to transformation through arts as any that I have had the honor of working with, in fact, more so. [...] The BEAT Rockers program is one that will be a vital creative force in the empowerment of music education programs for differently-abled persons. I have witnessed such incredible breakthroughs with students through this program and I truly feel that it is desperately needed in so many communities where young people confront a myriad of challenges.

Chesney Snow, Former Instructor, American Beatboxer, Executive Producer

Using hip hop, BEAT helps to foster creative expression among the adults with autism who attend QSAC's Day Habilitation Program. In addition to fostering creative expression, the curriculum helps to provide opportunities for social and creative development that is culturally responsive and accessible. As a result of their participation in the BEAT program, individuals experience an increase in their self-confidence as well as improved communication skills. In this way, not only is BEAT an engaging and innovative experience for individuals in our program, but it is also having a direct impact on their development as it relates to their personal goals.

It is with our experience in mind and the impact we have witnessed, that we highly recommend the BEAT program to other nonprofits serving individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. We are confident that other nonprofits and the individuals they serve will benefit greatly from their participation in this high-impact educational program.

Lauren Maldonado, QSAC (Quality Services for the Autism Community), Senior Director of Day Services

Many of the students in my school have experienced extensive trauma in their lives growing up and live with complex psychological and psychiatric disorders. Because of these challenges, the students often struggle to engage as part of a school community and tend to report feelings of isolation. During BEAT sessions, I have observed students who normally keep to themselves playing an active role in the group dynamic. Our students are sometimes oppositional and can be challenging to work with and the instructors have responded to their behaviors flawlessly in an assertive and supportive way. I can't wait to see the community build as the program continues throughout the semester.

I can see in the kids' facial expression and body language that they feel confident and proud. Finding "islands of competence" is so important for the self-esteem of kids who spend so much of the day feeling like they're not good at traditional academic learning.

Our students are working on building social skills and beatboxing in a cipher has been a really engaging way to build important conversational skills like taking turns, allowing others to speak, giving affirmations, and reading nonverbal cues. After a few sessions I have already seen improvement in students' social interactions within the group. 

One of the most powerful impacts the program has had so far is simply being a motivator to come to school and participate in class. 

What started as an idea for a fun leisure activity has shown to be a vehicle for community engagement, self esteem, social skills, and a motivation for continuing to come to school. I can't speak highly enough of the program and would recommend it to any school with kids of any age or ability. 

Caitlin Scott, MS CCC-SLP, Carol and Frank Biondi Education Center

I believe in the transformative nature of beatboxing and the ways in which beatboxing can positively influence communication and actually improve the accuracy of speech sound production. The energy and tenacity of the leaders of BEAT and those involved with BEAT are inspiring. They aim to empower youth - and they do. [...]

Speech and beatboxing are social practices and have inherent qualities that encourage turn-taking, listening, and articulating. Perhaps most importantly, I also see the vibrant connection between beatboxing, as BEAT Rockers has implemented, and the experiences, activities, and participation of youth in daily interactions.

Heather Rusiewicz, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Duquesne University, Associate Professor

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