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Inclusive Virtual Programming

‍BEAT’s Virtual Programming is now available through live online platforms (ie. Zoom, WebEx, Instagram Live) and our instructional pre-recorded video series. 

For over 10 years, we have been providing our programs in schools, community centers, and NYC public libraries -- including those that serve students with disabilities. We’re pleased to offer inclusive workshops that are accessible, socially responsive, and culturally relevant to accommodate remote learning. 

Our roster of Teaching Artists are some of the most talented in their field and are trained to teach online learners of all ages and abilities.

Participants at BEAT Breakers Workshop with DYCD and Nike in 2019

Our Hip Hop-based Arts Programs

  • BEAT Rockers: Beatboxing Music Program
  • BEAT Explorers: Music Production & Lyricism Program
  • BEAT Breakers: Breakin'/Street Style Dance Program
  • BEAT Letters: Visual Arts Program
  • Professional Development is also offered virtually

Workshop Description

BEAT uses Hip Hop as an art form to empower youth to be proud of their backgrounds and upbringings. Hip Hop is built on the values of peace, respect, and self-worth. Our workshops serve as a platform to promote artistic dialogue and a safe space where the youth can express their unique voices without judgment or fear.

  • All workshops can be conducted via various platforms, such as Zoom, WebEx, or Instagram (IG) Live
  • For Grades K-12, and youth and adults with disabilities
  • 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute workshops offered
  • Available as a single workshop, a series, or residency (13 or more consecutive workshops)
  • Pricing depends on duration and frequency of workshops (inquire about financial assistance via partnership opportunities)
  • Incredibly fun, energetic, and interactive

BEAT Rockers: Beatboxing Workshop

This program is particularly effective for people with physical and/or developmental disabilities or low vision.

Students will learn the basic elements of Beatboxing, such as a basic drum pattern consisting of a kick drum, snare drum, and high hat sound. Students will also learn how to put these three sounds together into percussive patterns of their own making.

Social/Emotional Outcomes:

  • Gain communication skills to strengthen social interactions
  • Increase confidence in their self-expression and voice
  • Improve articulation with words and sounds

While these lessons are not a replacement for clinical speech therapy, they are an interactive and fun way to take practicing to the next level!

*Our Pre-Recorded BEAT Rockers Beatboxing Lessons are available for participants who are unable to meet virtually to participate in a live workshop. Each lesson will focus on a specific letter or sound that your learner may have difficulty with on a daily basis. To view a clip from a Pre-Recorded Rockers Lesson, click here.

BEAT Explorers: Beats, Freestyle & Lyricism Workshop

This program is particularly effective for high school students.

Students will learn how to collectively brainstorm ideas and lyrics based on a theme, as well as how to individually write original rhymes and verses. Each student will then virtually perform their verses, followed by a round of constructive criticism and feedback from their peers (that can also be shared via the chatbox). Students will learn the basics of freestyle etiquette - such as choosing a theme, structuring a one-by-one share, and structuring an 8 bar-freestyle for their peers.

Social/Emotional Outcomes: 

  • Learn to use their voices in a safe space and embrace their individuality
  • Develop critical life skills, such as critical thinking, collaboration and leadership
  • Cultivate a sense of belonging, wellness and increased engagement in school
  • Increase confidence and inspiration through professional mentorships
  • Become aware of the importance of safe spaces as a way to initiate hard conversations
  • Develop non-violent, creative, peaceful resolutions to conflict

To view a clip from a Virtual Explorers Workshop, click here.

BEAT Breakers: Bboy/Bgirl Movement Basics

This program is particularly effective for younger students, from K-12.

Students will learn breakin’ (breakdancing) and street dance fundamentals, while also learning how the rigorous physical activity rooted in Hip Hop can have positive impacts on their health and wellness.

Social/Emotional Outcomes:

  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Improved understanding of their body language  
  • Increased self-confidence and engagement in group activities 

To view a clip from a Virtual Breakers Workshop, click here.

BEAT Letters: Visual Arts Program

This program is particularly effective for middle and high school students.

Students will learn how to draw symbols and characters related to Hip Hop Cultural Art. They will gain a foundational understanding of “Graf Writing” & Aerosol Art Culture, as well as clear instruction on how to create basic letter styles and techniques.

At the end of each session, students will share their artwork with the class and offer each other feedback on how they can improve.

Social/Emotional Outcomes

  • Increased social-emotional awareness
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Improved communication through words and images 
  • Improved penmanship ‍

Please click here for a PDF of our virtual offerings.

Image of Virtual Offerings PDF

A full menu of our virtual offerings with descriptions and video clips can be found in our Sway deck here. We’re excited to bring our expertise to your living room!

Please contact our Program Director,
Brittany Wilson, with inquiries.


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