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Professional Development Opportunities

BEAT offers Professional Development (PD) Workshops that empower educators to forge deeper connections with their students, center youth perspectives, and uphold the classroom as a space of creativity, equity, and respect. From community centers in Brooklyn to entire school districts in California, we have the expertise and professional staff necessary to improve the quality of instruction for any teachers.

For instance, in our BEAT Rockers: Professional Development program, teachers and administrators will learn the fundamentals of beatboxing as a fun and engaging way to incorporate music in the classroom without the need for instruments, speakers, or any previous musical know-how.

In addition to the immediate emotional, social, and creative enhancements your students will experience after introducing beatboxing into your classroom, we have also seen improvements in student engagement and attention span, learning retention, following directions, knowing when to speak and when to listen, and -- most notably -- having fun while practicing speech by using the instrument of their voice.

Please contact our Program Director, Brittany Wilson, with inquiries.

Teach-the-Artist Trainings (T3)

Teach-the-Artist (T3) is our premiere training program for artists seeking to expand their craft while giving back to youth communities through Hip Hop education. T3 empowers artists within Hip Hop culture seeking to channel their creativity into a revolutionary teaching practice.

To apply for future trainings for our BEAT Rockers Beatboxing Music Program, check out our Rockers T3 website.

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